Are home cleaning supplies safe for pets?

On One Hand: Cleaning Supplies are PoisonousPets are curious, and they will get into household cleaners that are toxic. If a bucket of household cleaner is left out, a pet could try to drink out of it. Pets are better off in another area of the house until the cleaning is finished, when they can safely be let back out.

On the Other: Green Pet-Safe Cleaning ProductsLook for a company that makes its MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each of its cleaning products readily available for public viewing. One company, A World of Green, has done this and shows its products are safe enough that your pets can be exposed to them with little or no risk of harm.

Bottom LineHousehold cleaning supplies pose a definite poisoning risk to your pets. You need to keep your cats and dogs safe while you clean by keeping them away from the cleaners. You can find pet-safe cleaning products---just find companies that make their MSDS available for public viewing.

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