Austria, Here you can meet a variety of tour of Europe wishes

Austria, Here you can meet a variety of tour of Europe wishes

Introducing Austria

Music Capital of Austria is shaped like a violin, because the position is located in the middle of Europe, so she is also known as the heart of Europe and connected to the crossroads of east and west.

Austria is mountainous west and south,air max the famous Alps from west to south, has been extended to the Vienna Basin; Northern and northeastern plains and hilly areas; Salzkammergut and Carinthia territory numerous lakes, hills dotted with rough heroic, spectacular. Peak within 3797 meters above sea level in Austria's Grossglockner, the most famous, the most beautiful river Danube.

Here you meet the various wishes of European tour: Towering majestic Alps is a paradise for hiking in summer and skiing in winter, Lakes and lush valleys dotted with leisure and a good place to engage in all kinds of water sports; Magnificent palaces, magnificent churches and castles in Austria recorded the glorious history; Here's musical tradition, prestigious orchestras, opera and concert hall to give people enjoy the arts; World famous musicians have been here to write glorious music ......


Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Innsbruck is located in the outskirts of the town of Wattens Swarovski Crystal Worlds is the world's largest and most famous crystal museum, Also famous crystal maker Swarovski's headquarters,air max 90 It has the world's most extensive exhibition of various types of crystal stone, crystal wall of the most luxurious, the most beautiful crystal artwork.

Vienna Concert Hall

Here are often held by a high-level orchestra, conductor staged concerts, Also held a "Vienna New Year Concert" legal place every year.

Oates Valley

Oates valley 67 km long, it is the longest Tyrolean Alpine valleys, Eastern Alps largest glacier ski area just off the motorway exit and Oates valley between the end of the valley,air max schweiz It is perfect for hiking, skiing and other outdoor sports. In summer, the valley's scenery and diverse exhibits.

Best travel time

Every year in May - October is the best time to travel. Atlantic influence by western Austria, winter and summer temperature and the temperature difference between day and night and rainy, eastern continental climate, the temperature difference is small, rainfall is also less. Relatively cool summer climate, the average July temperature at 14-19 degrees, the highest temperature of 32 degrees, and winter from December to March, the climate is cold, the lowest temperature of below freezing.

Austria year-round tourism, classic architecture in different seasons show a different style, late summer temperatures comfortable, most suitable for viewing nature. Austrian winter tourist season, you can see the beautiful snow, and airfare, cheap hotel.

Dressing Guide

Austria temperature, even in summer's night is cold, the best preparations for a long-sleeved jacket. Winter daytime temperatures only around zero, be sure to wear cold and warm clothes.