Vaping through electronic cigarettes

Any safety issues?

Although, quitting smoking is the safest thing to do, but a habitual smoker finds it very hard to give up smoking completely .Vaping is therefore recommended, as it is the best and in fact the safest alternative to smoking. Because this is a recent practice, there still are various questions to be fairly answered. However, many of the promising studies on vaping or smoking electronic cigarettes show that vaping is a safe practice electronic cigarette wholesale.

Advantages of Vaping

The various advantages of of vaping include:

• A better health
• No smoking cough
• No smoking ban for e- cigarette smoking
• Cost less than conventional cigarettes
• Odourless
• Do not use an open flame

Components of a Vaporizer

The vaporizer or an electronic cigarette is composed of a battery nuts e juice, a heating element and a nicotine chamber. When an electronic cigarette is activated, a small portion of the liquid in the cartridge is heated by the heating element. This creates a vapor which is further inhaled by the user. The major parts of an electronic cigarette or vaporizer are:

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