Bring innovation to existing modalities in LED industry

For example, consumers are more concerned about quality, design, installation, service and other issues when buy lamps, LED products from LED light supplier china nowadays. If the lighting industry through the integration of all resources can be one-stop solution with online booking and home design, it would be great.


First, make full use of social resources. Uber is a typical example. It allows you to buy a cell phone to take a private car service application. The way it works is as follows: Download Uber application, a request to issue a taxi; a private car arrived within a few minutes in front of you (the GPS application can track the location of private cars); you can choose to use private cars bike just like you chose the decided T8 LED tube light suppliers for your products; you can also check per car to you that the distance traveled road map; payments and gratuities by credit card automatically. Although the cost is higher than the price of a taxi, but it is comfortable and quick taxi to none. Obviously it is due to give the taxi industries has brought significant innovation, and therefore have a strong competitive edge.


Actually, this kind of innovation can bring into LED industry too. We can make more consumers to buy LED flexible light strip on online shop stores.