Great Dresses for Bridesmaids in Summer Wedding

The bridesmaid dress styles are feminine and elegant. These are some of the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses for this summer wedding.

Strapless dresses are still very fashionable for bridesmaids in the summer. In addition to the strapless standby, brides can also choose from other necklines like one shoulder or v-neck neckline. Knee length or tea length is the most popular for all but the most formal weddings.

Dresses in chiffon, tulle, bobinette, and organza are pretty for summer. Dresses in less formal fabrics like a polished cotton are a lovely alternative to more traditional materials. Bridesmaids will love the ease of wearing a natural cotton dress on a hot summer afternoon, and the styles are dressy enough for a wedding.

There is a wide range of colors which are stylish for summer bridesmaid dresses. If brights appeal to you, nothing is more trendy than coral bridesmaid dresses. This color looks fresh and festive in micro pleated chiffon dresses with spaghetti straps. Strappy sandals in a neutral color are the perfect shoes when the bridesmaid dresses are in a bright color, as anything dyed to match would look really dated.

Deep colors are surprisingly popular for bridesmaid dresses this summer. The key is to select a dress in a decidedly summery fabric like chiffon to balance out the darker color. Plum bridesmaid dress is one of the hottest dark hues and it looks elegant and refined in a strapless gathered chiffon style. Navy is another color which is in abundance, as are black and charcoal. When the bridesmaid dresses are in a dark color, feel free to get expressive with the bridesmaid jewelry sets. Layered necklaces are very chic this year, and are a great way to accessorize a strapless dress.

Very pale neutral tones are also popular for bridesmaids. Barely-there shades of blush, cashmere, and ivory look ethereal in wispy tulle, organza, or chiffon. To lend them more visual impact, black sashes or accents are being used by some designers on the very pale bridesmaid dresses. The overall effect of the entire bridal party dressed in almost-white shades just a touch deeper than the bride's gown can be very gracious.