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How to Apply a 50s cat eye makeup look In this tutorial, we learn how to create a Kim Kardashianinspired cat eye makeup look. Start by using a nude color eyeshadow on the eyes and tape to create an edge on the outer corner of the eye. After you do this, apply a white shadow underneath the eyebrows to create a highlight. Now, take a gray eyeshadow and apply it to the entire eye up until you reach the crease. Blend this out to the corner of the eye. Then, take a thick black eyeliner and apply it to the upper eye, creating a cat eye edge at the outer corner. Next, apply a thick layer of eyeliner on the bottom of the eye, then finish.

Dita Von Teese knows makeup. And by that we mean she probably has a whole closet of the stuff, given the fact that she says she takes hours to put on her "lady face" before heading out the door. And with her beautiful retro red puckers, siren eyes lined with liquid liner into a cat eye, and softly flushed pink cheeks, it easy to see why she puts in the effort every day.

Check out this video to learn how to do a slightly toned down version of Dita Von Teese signature makeup look. It takes inspiration from the 1950 but also looks sublte enough to wear in the more modern world.

In this tutorial, we learn how to apply a "Cheshire Cat" inspired wearable makeup look. Start off this look by applying a bright blue eyeshadow on the lower part of the eyelid. After this, apply a medium sea blue in the crease of the eye and on the outer edge of the eye. From here, brush hot pink above the blue and then blend right above the crease to make purple. Make sure the pink is visible above the purple. Next, you will apply blue eyeliner on the waterline followed by purple liner underneath that on the lash line. Then, apply black eyeliner on the top of the eye and black mascara on both.

Create a Rihanna Angelina Jolie cat eyeliner eye makeup look with the makeup tutorial from Lauren valentino shoes Luke, aka Panacae81.

Lauren, also known as Panacae81 on youtube, has been making makeup tutorials for some time now. After becoming a youtube legend, Lauren has gone on to write her own weekly beauty column at the UK Guardian. Lauren has been interviewed on television, including the BBC, about her beauty looks. Lauren makeup tutorials are enormously popular, including her celebrity makeup looks. Search Lauren Luke or Panacea81 on WonderhowTo for her makeup looks. Check out this makeup.

In this tutorial, we learn how to do an Arabian peacock makeup look. First, add primer to the eyes, then apply yellow shadow on the inner crease of the eye. Then, take a lime green color and apply it next to the yellow, blending in on the edge. After this, apply a turquoise eyeshadow and pack it in to eliminate fall out. Blend this outward, blending with the other colors. Apply a piece of tape on the outer corner of the eye to create a cat eye. After this, apply a dark purple to the crease of the eye, then blending it with the blue. Apply a highlight underneath the eyebrow, then apply the same.

Vampires live er, well, don live but stay intact for a long time. As such, they live through multiple eras, each with its own unique look. Queen Valentino SophieAnne, the vampire queen of Louisiana in "True Blood", clearly got stuck in the 1950s.

The pretty vampire wears her red hair in retro pin up curls and covers her face in matte foundation (a signature of the original pin ups), paints her lips with red, and does sultry cat eyes. valentino shoes on sale