US gymnasts dominate senior Synchronized trampoline awards at USA Gymnastics Championships.

Hunter Brewster of Lafayette, La./Trampoline and Crumbling Express, and Neil Gulati of Irvine, Calif./World Elite Stuff, gained a 110.100 for minute.

Amoung the senior elite synchro champions were: girls - Shea Silhan of Morton, Arizona, and Olivia Simpson of Lubbock, Tx, equally from Ready Set Proceed-Oxygen Severe; and males - Casey Block of Irvine, Calif./World Elite Stuff, and Blaise Wagner from Scottsdale, Ariz./North Valley Gymnastics.

The beginning of the Celebration, which included recognizing Olympic Morning, is planned for 4 p.m. on June 25,. Several U.S. Olympians - Ron Galimore (1980), Steven Gluckstein (2012) and Jennifer Parilla (2000, 2004) will soon be named in honor of Olympic Day.

For the junior and mature elite levels for every single control, the athletes are competing for national games. The Senior Olympic department has a number of different amounts, and national brands will be awarded for each amount and agegroup for every discipline.

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