Installation steps of spherical lock

Sometimes we will think about the installations steps when we see various locks in the market of window and door accessories suppliers China as we were a child. Now we are grown up and learned some relative knowledge about the locks. We can have a basic knowledge about the installation steps of spherical lock.


First, according to the "fixed pitch model", we can set the lock, bolt center. Then, from the center draw two circles, light drill with a diameter of 54 mm lock hole after drilling a whole diameter of 25 mm for the lock, but cut the bolt socket wrench. What’s more, we should handle with internal fittings tip removed. Meanwhile, first latch bolt hole into the side of the door, fastening with screws, and then install the lock body when we buy safe and practical window lock, from interior and into the lock hole, while the buckle tongue trailing end portion, the lock body and bolt combination stand up. In addition to, adjustments adjustment ring position in the center of the lock door thickness centerline. More, over, executive glove inner tube on the handle, with the off-side pressure fittings locator card, and then pushed into the handle, so that the two pins to live. Finally, if the outside with a key and, within the handle open and flexible, so lock installation is correct.


Sometimes we think it is not necessary to get this news. However, it will have its function one day. Like you go to the market of discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China and you will find the function you learned before.