Internet Marketing Success Is Search Engine Optimization Dead?

Many website owners who are looking for internet marketing success, consult companies who promise them top ten placing with little or no effort, and then end up disappointed.

Internet marketing success requires a different approach today, due to the sheer size of the net.

What Worked a Few Years Ago does not Work Today

Its a fact, that many of the strategies that worked previously are no longer effective.

There are however ways to achieve Internet marketing success that are very cost effective and produce hot names that close.

Firstly, lets look at the difficulties and the solutions available for marketing your website. There are two main reasons why Internet marketing success is harder now than it has ever been:

1. The Volume of Websites Online

Google alone index around 10 billion web pages, and of course, there is also Yahoo, MSN and all the other search engines to consider. Today, there are probably well over 20 billion pages on the Internet.

How many users visit search the Internet? In the U.S. alone, search engine users are expected to exceed 160 million in 2006. The sheer volume of websites all competing for traffic means that not everyone can get on the first page of search results!

2. What Worked in the Past does not Work Today

Sites submissions are often charged for by search engine optimization companies, but the fact is, this will not get you a ranking. Neither will many of the short cut routes such as doorway pages, link farms or hidden text.

The search engines dont want sites to get top rankings unless they provide fresh and informative content. So, how do you achieve Internet marketing success?

Give the Search Engines what they Want!

You need to consider three broad areas when considering search engine optimization:

1. Make your Site Easy to Navigate

If your website is not constructed correctly, search engine spiders will simply not be able to see past the home page, no matter how valuable the content on the other pages of the site may be. The site needs to be constructed in such a way that it is easy to navigate and index.

2. Provide Valuable Content

When search engines look at your content, make sure that it contains popular search terms in the right places, and in the right density. Also, make sure that each page of the site has unique metatag content that matches the on-page content.

3. Spread your Content for Quality Leads and Links

If you have a site, get out and market it!

Online marketing is the key to getting quality names, and this means placing your content in front of the largest audience you can this is the key to Internet marketing success.

The Secret of Quality Lead Generation

The good news is you dont have to resort to pay per click advertising with your web marketing campaign.

In many instances pay per click Internet marketing campaigns produce results that are poor value for money. Instead, turn your content into articles and submit them to ezine sites - with a live hyperlink back to your site offering further information. This puts your information and website details in front of an audience of millions of interested people, and will increase your lead generation quickly.

The Importance of Links

Not only do you put your articles in front of an interested audience, you also increase your link count, which is a major part of the search engine algorithm when ranking websites. Each article that links back to your website, from another website, blog, or online newsletter, acts as a vote for your website.

This strategy means you can quickly build a link count of thousands. Your Internet marketing success depends on links - without them your website will never receive a high ranking no matter how good your content is.

Viral Marketing Creates a Lead Flow that lasts for Years

Once you have submitted your articles to article download websites, you are getting quality names quickly and building your link count - but it gets better!

Many website owners are looking for valuable content for their own sites, and will take your articles if they are well written, and host them on their own site.

This viral marketing can carry on for years prodoviding you with quality names, quality links, and an increasing flow of traffic.