Silent Thought 2

Silent Thought 2
Life have knocked each one of us down in a way. Some of us faced it and found a way back up. Others got trapped for a while, but at the end life goes on and those who were weak at some point learned to be strong.  
Both sides went through hardships and different feelings took over at the time. Let me walk you through some of the thoughts and feelings that striked my brain through a harsh period that got me sinking into our life's fantasy. 
Well, let me start with the great saying of; fight, risk it, fall, stand up and go on. This is what we always hear every time, but little did they know that when you fall; you bruise. Not only that, but you also break bits and pieces of every bone each time you hit the ground. 
However, the problem is that those bruises are unseen, only you can feel the pain. That pain aches so much that sometimes you feel the urge to scream out loud, but your voice is gone. You even try to shed a tear hoping to take off some of the pressure, but the water in you eyes have gone solid as a rock. At that point you open your eyes and all you see is darkness, even though the sun is brightly shining. Despite the fact that you still try to look at it, still nothing is coming through. 
You look around and find loved ones wondering what is wrong and they keep asking more than once, but still have no idea. That is because this phase has gone too deep that you can hardly speak it up. Your words can not be talked and your language can not be understood. So here you are standing all alone in the middle of the crowd, hardly breathing as if someone is literally pushing you downwards in the ocean, except that no one can actually see u sinking. 
Thoughts start rushing into your brain, eating it all up and you stand blankly with another thought of life, another wish for death and another fear of judgement day.
Still life goes on...
By: Mai El Kady