New hottest 2015mb

This is a great opportunity u guys av been waiting for….. Its a new day here and av decided to share dis lil trick with u dou is not new to summ buh ah fink it`s gonna beneficial to all of us…. HOW TO ACTIVATE THE MTN GB? STEP 1: Get a new sim and migrate to true talk by dialling*400# STEP 2: Do The Mtn Imei Twerking on it Using dis Mtn Nokia Imei Dat Offers Free 2015mb @ 358429060601370….. Restart Your phone or switch to Airplane Mode for 10secs… Then Send NOKIA or mifi to 131 STEP 3: After You have been granted the 2015mb, dial *123*4*3*2# and see d magic…. NOTE: no more accumulation….. Use a new sim throughout for good result keep rocking it…. whatsapp me 09027471704 Comment