3 Top Skills for a Call Centre Agent

If you run a business that requires a lot of phone conversations with customers, you want to ensure that you hire the best agents or contract with the best call centre in Calgary. While many companies provide telecommunications and answering services, the best agencies will ensure that their agents have these top three skills.

Good Communication Skills

This skill encompasses many qualities and while some agents may have a few of them, the best agents will have all of the traits. They include:

·         The ability to speak in a clear voice

·         The ability to listen and understand what the caller is saying

·         An understanding of the tone of voice to gauge mood

·         An ability to provide clear answers that the caller can comprehend

These skills can be developed with training and practice. They make the difference between an irate customer who takes his or her services somewhere else and a satisfied customer even when the answer is not what the person wanted.


Many calls have an unhappy, angry or confused caller on the other end of the line. A professional call centre in Calgary will train agents to be patient even when the other person is upset and even irrational. The agent may have to explain the same information several times in different ways to help the person understand. They cannot show in words or tone of voice that they are losing patience or becoming frustrated.

The agent must remain calm and find new ways of saying the same thing over and over or finding a better resolution. The best agent also knows how to calm the caller. What starts out as an angry customer yelling into the phone can quickly become a customer who is speaking in a civil tone and understanding the agent’s responses even if he doesn’t agree. This is what often happens when you have a trained agent on the call.

Think and React Quickly