On the configuration set wedding led indoor display

In current years, LED electronic screen(variable message sign) not just turn into an important element of Tv assortment show. Application has been commonplace in the wedding, LED substantial screen and ideal wedding course of action progressive content, expanding the guest visual space, make the wedding much more fashionable movies like obtaining dynamic, changed the conventional wedding choreography background design and style.

So, what needs to be applied for wedding LED display user, ways to get what kind of product, the budget and the best way to establish it?

Generally, the wedding with LED show together with the style of the wedding need to develop a distinctive atmosphere, preferably removable LED(EN12966) big screen, this kind of product model and diverse, the present use of widespread models are P3 P4 P5 P6, as a result of various varieties of screen unit module sample sizes, lamp beads are usually not the same, therefore leading to a price distinction.


In terms of price, most couldn't give a clear value, users can compose a rough estimate primarily based on their. Wedding LED show composed primarily in the following sections.


One particular: Screen Expense

Screen show project the total wedding greater than 70% on the total investment, wedding LED screen is composed of show modules, power provide, casing, cable energy lines. The lamp beads, different chips, the price difference is relatively big.


II: Control method:


The primary sending cards, reception cards, wedding and indoor colour LED technique fees are fairly greater, mainly because of its pixel density is much higher than the outside electronic screen.


Three: Accessories


Desktop computer systems, air conditioners, surge arresters, distribution cabinets, audio amplifier (optional), Tv card (optional), multi-function card, a video processor (optional) and so on.


4: steel, standard framework


Irrespective of whether wall-rise buildings on the huge screen, or indoor LED electronic screen, are produced from steel to fixed. For greater requirements of steel, steel base frame just after the wedding cost LED screen within the body portion, Prevalent outside wall-manufacturers custom steel prices within the 1200-1500 yuan / square meter, indoor wall-LED screen price structure in 600 yuan / square meter(VMS).


Five: logistics, installation


Needless to say this, the installation is generally offered by the manufacturer technical personnel on-site supervision of installation