Prepare Bridesmaid Dresses Before Wedding

In the selection of bridesmaid dresses, not to try pick the tail of the skirt, busy in the wedding scene to help avoid the inconvenience of time, try to choose a formal simple style, after the company can also be used as a reception for out of office. In the jewelry with respect, as far as possible to remove the accessories hinder physical activity. To choose a pair of comfortable shoes, bridesmaid tasks and walk more, work more, so you can choose low-heeled shoes, shallow mouth of the shoes. In the bag, the must be large, can fit the bride's red envelope, and the bride and groom have the best man phone, wallet.

New start before the wedding bridesmaid best man ready to help them dress, bridesmaid best man of course there are self-prepared.

If the bride is Chinese-style clothing, that bridesmaids should not be too overhangs, no matter what the bride to wear, as the bridesmaids and the bride to be consistent with the mm, can afford to pick clothes to try, or and bride wedding dress shop to go with custom-made, so that is more conducive to unity and the bride's wedding dress.

Formal wedding, the bride is white if the wedding, you can tied around his neck on the pink scarf, brooch can also do in the waist. Jewelry is not too much, after all, the bride, not more than the bride.

Outdoor wedding, you can choose to go with the bride and dress, the bride if it is white, you can choose pink bridesmaid dresses and other colors.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Choose elegant green, and avoid dark green, to create a clean, subtle qualities, so the overall image of the fresh, relaxed. Slim cut reflect the bridesmaid's elegant charm, exquisite decorative bow waist, novelty.

Bridesmaid dresses emphasize overall smooth lines, the middle of a small blue and white striped belt can be a good bridesmaid graceful outline of the body. You can also choose not to mix shades of blue, to create a multi-level sense of color.

Full of shiny satin fabric with a partial fold material handling, to avoid the dress seems too ordinary. And light green, beige and other colors most elegant contrast. Hair can be a little decoration, and white fluffy hair dotted with flowers, bridesmaids make more intimate nature.

Beige pure white to clear out even more against the background of elegant, so that the bride is more bright, fresh, and let the bridesmaids clean, refined temperament get the best interpretation. Red bridesmaid dresses with a skirt is suitable for such a warm pearl, shiny feeling of jewelry.