Yahoo not Sending or Receiving Emails

Avail Yahoo Technical Support for the Issues Related to Yahoo Mail Not Sending or Receiving Emails

If you are dealing with the issues of Yahoo mail not sending or receiving emails and are struggling to find out constructive solutions for the same, you need to hold the helping hand of Yahoo technical support.

Yahoo technical support provides a number of solutions for rooting the issues of Yahoo mail not sending or receiving emails. Let us discuss those solutions one by one.

1. The sender might be blocked: you need to check if the sender’s address is there on the blocked address list. To do that, go to the Settings menu icon, click Settings, click Blocked Addresses, click the email address that you want to unblock in the list, and click Remove.

2. Mail forwarding might be enabled: you need to check your mail forwarding settings. Your incoming messages are sent to another email address and are not saved in your Yahoo inbox, if mail forwarding is turned on and Store and forward is not enabled.

3. Messages might have been sent to the incorrect address: you need to ensure that the sender has your complete and correct email address, considering that typos do occur when adding a contact to an address book or addressing an email. To find your email address, go to the Settings menu icon, click Settings, and click Accounts.

4. Reply-to address might be incorrect: you need to check your reply-to address if someone replied to your email that was sent by you to them and you have not received their reply. The reply-to address figures out the email address to which an email message goes when someone replies to your message.

5. Messages might have been filtered: you need to check your filters, since filters are responsible for sending specific email messages in to folders in your Yahoo account rather than the inbox.

Contact Yahoo technical support to receive more specific troubleshooting instructions and recovery mechanisms directly from the experts or professionals.