Which is a better phone? Galaxy S6 or Iphone 6

Which is a better phone? Galaxy S6 or Iphone 6

Apple and Samsung smart phone market, the basic form of the two king.

Essentially, there was the iPhone and nothing else, with every other model by every other company competing for second, or last, depending on how you looked at it. Samsung, however, has managed to make its flagship smartphone a contender. Yet that has not really dimmed Apple's star at all.

 with its latest model, The  Samsung Galaxy S6 lcd, has mostly built its market share from other Android players. The iPhone 6 remains a huge seller, as does its sister phone, the larger 6 Plus, though to a lesser extent. Samsung hasn't caught up to Apple, but it has broken out of the Android pack as the clear alternative to the iPhone.

Both the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 are important products for their companies, and both have their good quality on samsung replacement parts and iphone replacement parts.