Halo-halo—The Heavenly Filipino Dessert

Halo-halo—The Heavenly Filipino Dessert


The heat of the summer months is starting to become quite a burden and you crave for something sweet and cool to fight off the heat. What better way to do that than to have delicious Halo-halo!


If you're a foreign individual clueless on what Halo-halo is, just imagine it as an all-in-one sweet dessert and the perfect comfort food for the summer (some Filipinos even buy halo-halo as a payday treat after a long and stressful time at the office).


Different Filipino restaurants have their own way of making Halo-halo. In general, though, this tasty dessert is composed of the following: crushed/shaved ice, a combination of condensed and evaporated milk, ice cream, leche flan (known overseas as pudding), purple yam, bananas, and macapuno (coconut sport). You may add other ingredients if you want.


Fast food restaurants in the Philippines serve this treat as part of their dessert line-up. If you’re lucky, you may find a simple food stall in the streets or in your neighborhood offering Halo-halo for as low as 20 pesos! No joke there.


Some foreign visitors to the country are hesitant to try Halo-halo because of the variety of ingredients one bowl or cup contains. This reaction is understandable, since these visitors probably aren’t used to eating food with a seemingly weird combination of ingredients. But if given the opportunity, why don’t you give it a try?


It’s time to harness your adventurous spirit and be bold enough to try something new. Once you take your first bite, you will definitely come back for more!


The Philippine Halo-halo is the ultimate balance of different flavors in one unique snack. If you are looking for a memorable experience during your stay in this beautiful country, then go for it! A taste of Halo-halo is definitely what you’re looking for.