Common problems for keychain(1)

Customers will naturally cause a certain degree of influence when they find the problems in keychain, so for China crafts suppliers, the problem has not happened before you need "first to show concern and worry, after the world music". We should find the solutions before giving it to our customers.


First problem is surface scratch. Keychain surface is the most common plating, nickel plating and gold, etc. These products are very easy plating scratch, just as the phone display, grazed will encounter sharp objects scratches, so manufacturers said that customers are advised to separate between individual products and product packaging, and in transit to the customer without problems. If you want to buy salable and personalized keychain in the market, my opinion is that you should check out the quality of this kind of keychain first.

What’s more, pendants are easy to swap for some keychains. There pendant key ring products are generally the type of metal chain, metal chain are outside source, then plant yourself installation, the installation will ensure every product clamp ring clamp, but after all, not welded seal, the product can not be


Things, to some extent, have the common nature. I think keychain has the same nature with coins in the surface scratch problem. So I would protect them well if I go to the market and buy customized commemorative coins in China.