Analysis of properties of PVA 2488 & PVA 2499

PVA 2488 & PVA 2499 is a white sheet, wool or powdered solids and tasteless.
The physical properties of PVA 2488 & PVA 2499 were affected by chemical structure, Alcoholysis, polymerization degree of impact. Polymerization degree of PVA 2488 & PVA 2499 is divided into high polymerization degree, higher degree of polymerization, polymerization and low degree of polymerization. Alcoholysis in General, and 78%, and 98% are three. The Alcoholysis of partial Alcoholysis usually 87%~89%, alcoholized Alcoholysis of 98%~100% completely. In General, the degree of polymerization increased, aqueous solution viscosity, film strength and increased solvent resistance, but solubility in water, the film elongation decreased. The relative density of PVA 2488 & PVA 2499 is (25 ° c/4 c) 1. 27~1. 31 (solid), 1. 02 (10%), melting point of 230 ℃, the glass transition temperature is 75~85℃, heated to more than 100 degrees in the air and slowly change color, embrittlement. Heated to 160~170℃ etherification of dehydration, loss of solubility, heats up to 200 ° c starts to break down. Contains more than 250 ℃ of conjugated polymers. Refractive index of 1. 49~1.52, thermal conductivity is 0. 2w/(m· K), specific heat capacity 1~5J/(kg · K), resistivity (3. 1~3. 8)×10Ω·cm。Soluble in water, in order to completely dissolve are usually required to be heated to 65~75℃.Insoluble petrol, kerosene, oil, benzene, toluene, ethylene dichloride, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, ethyl acetate, methanol and ethylene glycol. Slightly soluble in dimethyl sulfoxide. 120~150℃ soluble in Glycerin. But the gel when cooled to room temperature. Soluble PVA 2488 & PVA 2499 should be the first items while stirring add room temperature water. Distributed evenly after warming accelerated dissolution, thus preventing caking and affect dissolving speed.

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