Compact market traditional hegemony pitch LED display enterprises should understand to "software first"

Huge potential industry growth for smaller pitch LED(EN12966) marketplace has become a "meat and potatoes", each and every of which involved organizations are weaving their gorgeous blueprint for the development, in particular the "proximity" from the traditional LED show enterprises. So far, the tiny pitch LED has grow to be nearly regular in standard LED display enterprises, while the speedy expansion of marketplace size, industry competitors can also be quickly.

As a organization, although involved within a modest pitch LED show market, it is primarily based on optimistic about its prospects, however, as a result of various angles which will naturally vary their positioning: the standard LED show enterprises, the modest distance in between LED Regarded because the weapon in to the indoor large-screen display market place is to break the traditional LED display market, "price war" crucial turning point, sustained and wholesome development of relations across the industry; regular DLP splicing enterprises are small, because the pitch is boost the product line, broadening the application One of the critical tools on the market place; thunder Masamori LCD enterprises have also been involved inside a small pitch LED marketplace(VMS), but much more indifferent attitude, is out from the potential market place expansion of technical reserves.

Attitude action, precisely for the reason that it really is essential, the regular LED show enterprises will develop into the most closely spaced LED market investment firm who moves continually, and strive to create fine pitch LED can display at their dominant marketplace opened up a major screen in the highly competitive world.


On the other hand, the perfect is complete, the reality is somewhat skinny, you should reach the preferred aim, the classic LED display enterprises not merely towards the strength of sturdy external competition (liquid crystal show business, DLP splicing organizations and their top LCD and DLP splicing technology because the representative), more importantly, to timely enterprise paradigm shift inside the camp. Conventional LED display industry promotion, enterprise management pondering continues to be at the stage of selling solutions, as technology continues to mature, the cost naturally develop into a magic weapon, a direct outcome of marketplace competitors into the endless cost war whirlpool. Inside a modest pitch LED industry, if the firm nonetheless continues the standard enterprise model, then because the technologies matures as well as the continuous expansion of production scale, the cost war is still inevitable, predictable final results.


Additional pressing is that exactly the same little spacing LED promoting higher hopes for LCD and DLP splicing organization enterprises, large-screen show market demands interior upgrade as an opportunity to possess reached a consensus on a extensive service provider transformation, accustomed to integrated options provide program conquest consumers, which implies that within the pitch for a smaller LED market place expansion, they have won within the starting line. No matter whether it is based on their competitive win, or forced external industry competition, the regular LED display business enterprise paradigm shift aimed in the small pitch LED market place happen to be urgent.

The relevant institutions predict that in the next 5 years (2014-2018), a tiny pitch LED marketplace size will attain 110% compound growth rate, the prospective market space in greater than 1 hundred billion yuan. Driving big market place development inside the next, as well as the brightest LED spacing for tiny enterprise investment only far more, no less, within this case, the industry is left to traditional LED display enterprise transformation time will likely be additional limited.