Why Do Smokers Chain Smoke

I recently noticed that one of my clients (Let's call her Maria for the sake of this article) at my teaching profession was going through a common phase amongst people who want to stop smoking and finally escape from nicotine addiction, where they start to become frustrated, angry, desperate, unhappy, or annoyed with themselves that they smoke.

This phase will eventually present itself to all smokers who have their two cents worth upstairs and they realise that they truly are mugs for smoking and they want out. But before I continue with telling you about my "Client" above, I would like to touch on a couple of things if I may tobacco e juice. Wanting out of this wonderfully designed poisonous trap is great, however, unless you, the smoker who wants to quit smoking,

Maria has developed a tolerance and a fear to smoking cigarettes like all nicotine addicts do. It's addiction shrouded by feel good buzzes, hits lifts, boosts or whatever a smoker claims to get when inhaling the poisons. The tolerance of nicotine which or wonderful, complex bodies can withstand up to a point e liquid wholesale, and the illusionary fear that life will be terrible if she decided to quit smoking and become a normal human being.

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