Five ways renters can improve their kitchen

Five ways renters can improve their kitchen

There are several downsides to renting instead of owning a home. But perhaps the biggest drawback is the feeling that there’s nothing you can do to improve your living space. You’re at the mercy of the homeowner when it comes to doing any home improvement projects. But just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you’re stuck with an inadequate kitchen, here are five ways that renters can improve their kitchen without getting in trouble with the homeowner.


Extra storage space


Not having adequate storage space can be frustrating if you’re a renter. You don’t have the power to go and have new cupboards installed. That doesn’t mean there are no options left, however. You can still create a little extra storage space by hanging a ceiling-mounted pot rack. This will free up some cupboard space by getting all of your pots and pans out of them. This will entail drilling a few holes into the wall but you can patch them up easily enough when it’s time to move out.


Replacing the hardware


The hardware that comes standard in most rental properties is usually pretty awful. The landlord usually doesn’t pay attention to little details like hardware so that leaves you free to upgrade your faucet to a nicer one. Visit your local hardware store and pick out a faucet you like. It’s easy enough to swap it out yourself. If your cabinets lack hardware or the hardware is ugly, you can pick up some cabinet hardware as well and install it easily enough.


New cooktop


Unless you’re planning on staying a very long time, springing for new appliances yourself is an impractical way to improve your kitchen. At the very least, however, you can buy a new cooktop to replace the top of the stove. This is usually about 60 to 80 dollars. It’s a lot cheaper than replacing the whole stove and you have a better place to cook. An induction element heats up a lot faster as well so not only will your stove look nicer, you’ll be able to prepare food a lot faster using it.


More food prep space


Though you won’t be able to create more counter space in a rental, you can purchase a small kitchen island that isn’t permanently fixed in the kitchen. Not only does this give you a little more space for preparing meals, it also provides you with a little more storage space as well. Another option is a fold-down counter top that you attach to the wall. It folds down flat against the wall when you don’t need it and becomes extra counter space when you do.


Improve the lighting


You might be surprised just how much new lighting can improve the look of an otherwise dreary kitchen. Though you can’t bring in an electrician to totally redo the lighting, you can add some under cabinet lighting or replace bulbs with brighter ones to lighten up your kitchen.


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