OnePlus one review: A $300 smartphone has never looked so good

OnePlus one review: A $300 smartphone has never looked so good

If you want to your smartphone could be better, you could stop reading this review.

OnePlus do believes that it does not have to be this way. Motto, "Never Settle," stands for the fledgling Chinese company's mission to build and sell the perfect mobile. Its first attempt is the One, a premium-looking smartphone that has customizable firmware and top-shelf specs. Oh, and it'll sell about $300 unlocked and free of contract, which is even cheaper than Google's Nexus 5. Let's find out if the One is too good to be true.

One sport a 5.5-inch 1080p IPS LCD panel has a pixel density of 401 ppi display and is 1.7mm. And display rises slightly above the rest of the frame, which means it's more exposed than most smartphone screens.

With features a slab of Gorilla Glass 3 for scratch resistance, a 3.5mm headphone jack on top, and you'll find twin speaker grilles flanking a micro-USB port on the bottom. Some potential buyers might complain about the lack of a microSD storage slot, as for the camera, featuring a 13MP camera with dual-LED flash, noise-canceling mic and logos.

While to Battery life, at least, is a bright spot. The One has a 3,100mAh non-removable cell that's just a tad smaller on average, this constituted 14-15 hours of solid use, and roughly four hours of screen-on time. Can ensure days full of emails, calls, and travel, social networking and a little bit of gaming.

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