2015 cabinet hardware brand list

Now in home decoration, we often choose to install the cabinets, and the quality and life of the cabinet use from window and door accessories suppliers china is not only look at the cabinet material, but also needs a good cabinet hardware to match, then the cabinet hardware brand which is good?


Cabinet Hardware brand - factional Hardware

It is Chinese famous brands which located in Guangdong Foshan make Hing Metal Products Co.

Cabinet Hardware brand - Hai Disi Hardware

The world's leading hardware accessories.

Cabinet Hardware brand - Modern Hardware

It belongs to ten hardware brand, well-known brand hardware products, Guangzhou Modern Hardware Products Co.

Cabinet Hardware brand- yongfeng-hardware.com

It is located in Guangzhou with the market of door hardware wholesale China.

Cabinet Hardware brand - Andean high

It is hardware top ten brands, professional hardware manufacturers, high Andean (South China Sea) Technology Building Material Co., Ltd.


Cabinet hardware brand --GMT Toho

It is a famous trademark in Shanghai, Shanghai famous brand, the East Rail Enterprise Co., Ltd. of Taiwan-funded enterprises with the float glass supplier China.