Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Swapandosh Treatment Or Nightfall In Men

Nightfall or nocturnal emission is harmless until it is happening frequently. It is the condition when male discharge semen during sleep. According to Ayurveda, nightfall is referred to �swapandosh'.

According to the modern science, there is nothing wrong about excessive nocturnal emissions. In fact, it is a part of the natural process of healthy body and actually it happens due to male hormones. Usually, young men in the age range of 18 to 30 years are mostly affected with this condition. However, it is the proper way to stop this problem by taking the best ayurvedic medicine for swapandosh.

What does Ayurveda say about Swapandosh?

According to Charak Samhita, the ayurvedic text, the male organ secretes semen due to eight main courses. These causes are dependent on various factors of the individuals, such as diet, addictions, lifestyle, visual pleasures, habit of self-stimulations, emotional stress, personal relationships, etc. However, ayurvedic cures can help to overcome the problem of frequent swapandosh. So, men should be careful about these factors to get rid of this particular health crisis. Besides, men can consume NF Cure capsules and Vital M-40 capsules which are considered as efficient herbal supplements for nightfall treatment.

Symptoms of Swapandosh: There are few common symptoms of the problem of having too much swapandosh. For example:

1. Extreme fatigue

2. Anemia

3. Pain in testicles

4. Pain in different parts of the body, especially in the joints

5. Lack of concentration

6. Constipation

7. Indigestion

8. Gastric complaints

9. Dullness.

In addition, the problem of swapandosh can affect the growth of young males; prolonged swapandosh problem invites hair loss, weakness and disruption in the sleep cycle and may lead to poor quality sleep. Men can avoid this awful situation, taking proper nightfall treatment.

Ayurvedic cure for nightfall: For proper treatment of nightfall, men should first focus on having a healthy mind and healthy body. This health condition is treated from lots of different points of view.

The first task is to increase self discipline and to take herbal cures such as NF Cure capsules for nightfall problem regularly.

The next step is to take special care in improving regular diet. A nutritious and healthy diet should keep in control the symptoms to a large extent. Such a diet will also help you bring back the strength and nutrition lost due to frequent nightfall. The herbal preparations, for example Vital M-40 capsules prevent too much swapandosh also help to increase vitality and strength, and thus it helps men to get back a normal life.

Men should make some changes in their lifestyle by practicing techniques such as taking a soothing bath before going to sleep at night, consuming herbal cures, practicing yoga and meditation etc.

Ayurvedic supplement for nightfall: Natural herbs, for example Shilajit, Ashwagandha are used for preparing the best ayurvedic medicine for swapandosh. Both of these herbs are very much efficient in solving different types of sexual problems and restoring vitality and energy. They improve stamina; the quality, quantity and volume of sperm. Triphala is another herb which is also an accepted choice for preventing swapandosh.

Over to You: Ayurveda is an ancient therapy which is very much helpful for curing the problem of frequent swapandosh. So, apply this therapy along with healthy diet and lifestyle.


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