Bush Attempts To Heal Rift With Hollywood; Schedules Meal With Jane Fonda


Mr. Bush said, I enjoy ending up in Ms. To compare additional info, consider glancing at: popular its just lunch washington dc. Fonda. Shes said numerous crazy things about me through the years, it will be described as a real pleas-ure to break bread, as it were. Learn more on our partner site by visiting per your request. If I get through the meal intact, I intend to go on to another person on my guest listing, Barbra Streisand.

President Bush, bothered by the decline in his approval ratings, has decided to produce a frontal assault on Hollywood, a bastion of his disapproval ratings, by scheduling meal with one of its most persistently adversarial spokespeople, Jane Fonda.

Mr. Bush said, I look forward to meeting with Ms. Fonda. Shes said a lot of crazy things about me through the years, it'll be considered a real pleas-ure to break bread, as it were. If I complete the meal intact, I plan to move on to another person on my visitor list, Barbra Streisand.

The guests were careful, at the very least, in their public reaction to his overture.

Ms. Streisand quipped, in her usually muted way, I dont mind singing for my dinner, but do I have to sing for lunch, too?

John Redford, yet another of the invited, stated, Well, in the event that you ask me, the whole thing is just a fairly slick Sundance. Hes a former oilman, and I only arrived against oil.

Ms. Fonda was, unsurprisingly, quite expressive. To get additional information, people should check out: expensive its just lunch washington dc. I've a great deal of things Id like to say to the President, but not over lunch. Id be too angry to swallow without choking. Get further on this related web resource - Click here: extraordinary its just lunch washington dc. Then hed have the opportunity to execute a Himelick control, and, besides the fact that Id have to experience his touch, hed reach brag that, while he was undecided for a minute, he went forward and saved my life. Im unsure Im ready for that.

Despite the early indicators, the President remained upbeat.

You understand these Hollywood persons, he said. Theyre not all Republicans..