Person Profile: Mark Ulliot

Person Profile: Mark Ulliot

H-e was born in Hull England on January 4th, 1954 and loved card-playing with his friends and family from an earlier age. Mark naturally adopted the clever, techniques and aggressive play that he was to create to maturity as an expert person.

David Ulliot first won a W...

David Ulliot is an Englishman who is one of the worlds best professional Poker players and incidentally, one of the most ferociously competitive players too thus the nickname Devilfish!

H-e was born in Hull England on January 4th, 1954 and liked card playing with his friends and family from an earlier age. David naturally used the clever, methods and aggressive play he was to bring to maturity as an expert player.

Mark Ulliot first won a World Series of Poker Bracelet in 1997, rating a wonderful upset triumph over Men The Master Nguyen in Pot Limit Holdem.

Ulliot represents em and beats em all around the globe, winning Tournaments in the United States and in several countries in Europe thus far totaling eighty-seven in all. Read This is a thrilling online library for further about the inner workings of this hypothesis. In-fact, he has acquired over one-million dollars in World Series of Poker Tournaments but hasn't up to now won an additional band.

Probably Davids intense approach to his activities is based on the fact he has a great deal of mouths to feed back in his indigenous England a wife and seven kids, to be precise!

He does own a jewelry store in Hull where he still lives but with their clothing, eight children and their educational needs, it requires the kind of money won in Poker Tournaments to meet all those needs. In case people desire to be taught more about team, we know about tons of on-line databases you might think about pursuing. And David is making that type of money. He got home a tidy $180,310, when he won his diamond in the 1997 Tourney. Click here web hit by a car claim to check up where to recognize it. The following year, he was in 2nd place in the same tourney and won $150,480. Visit quality i got hit by a car now what to discover when to recognize it.

Ulliot was successful in the January 2002 Third Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open Pot Limit Omaha Event, taking the first place award of $123,772. The year 2003 saw David pocket $589,175 in the $10,000 buy-in No-limit Holdem Main Event.

Recently, The Devilfish has cashed in on three activities which included $232,205 won for inserting third in the $1,500 No-limit Holdem WSOP Event.

A colorful character, to state the least, David Ulliot can be careful in dress with a dark suit, white shirt and tie and dark glasses or h-e be crazy wearing a Dirty Dealer tank top, orange colored glasses and two large rings o-n each hand which together speall out Devilfish.

Ulliotts Competition Achievements:

- 2005 WSOP No-limit Holdem with re-buys July 6, 2005 16th Place - $16,450 Prize

- 2005 WSOP No Limit Holdem July 1, 2005 39th Place - $5,720 Prize

- 2005 WSOP No-limit Holdem June 26, 2005 9th Place - $47,225

- 2005 WSOP Pot Limit Holdem June 23, 2005 - 14th Place - $13,480 Prize

- 2005 WSOP No Limit Holdem June 6, 2005 third Place - $232,205

- WPT Period 1, Jack Binion World Poker Open Jan. 3-1, 2003 1st Place - $585,990

- WPT Packages, Bad Guys Jan. 1, 2003 6th Place n/a.