How to make money with ClickBank affiliates and Pay PerClick network

In the world of Affiliate marketing, advertising is the key to success. Many website owners are promoting affiliate offers associated with the content of their pages, usually by placing banners or writing reviews of the products. On the other hand, there are those who are promoting and selling ClickBank products by placing banners on other people's websites - this method of promoting is better known as PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising on publishers websites. There are quite a few networks operating in this way, they allow you to create and place banners with your affiliate links to a website belonging to someone else. is also in this group of advertising systems.

If you are looking to promote ClickBank affiliate offers in this way, BreezeAds can be the perfect place to do so. You can find two types of networks which use this type of PPC advertising, those based on keywords (similar to Google AdWords system) and those based on contextually matching your ads to the content of the publisher's websites. Both of these methods will work very well with any type of ClickBank products if set up properly, both have their own perks and good sides, but according to many veteran affiliate marketers already using PPC advertising, contextual matching can bring better results for the invested money.

With networks that are based on keywords, advertisers will find similar problem as advertising with Google - competition. If you are creating advertising campaign which is based on a keyword there is a good chance that other people within the same advertising network may choose exactly the same word as you. This creates competition over that keyword and consequently raises the price of clicks you are paying for. This means that your ads may be well matched to the keywords of the publishers’ websites but also will cost you more if there is high competition over them inside the advertising network.

Networks that are based on contextually matching your ads (textual part of your ad to be more precise) to the content of publishers websites don't have the above mentioned type of problems. Chances of creating an advertising campaign with identical text as someone else who is using the same network is extremely low, so chances of running into competition over a product you're promoting with advertising campaign is second to none. BreezeAds is using this type of matching ads to publisher’s website and keeps the price of clicks low.