High Power FZ1600R17KF6C-B2 IGBT Module from Infineon Technology

Visit http://www.uscomponent.com/buy/eupec-infineon/fz1600r17kf6c-b2/ and get your own FZ1600R17KF6C-B2 and let the wind turbines of your area power up to the next level.


FZ1600R17KF6C-B2 is the best solution if you want your communitys wind turbines to power up beyond the limits. Even with offshore wind turbines, this high power IGBT module will never let you down. With 2600A or 1700V, FZ1600R17KF6C-B2 can guarantee not only high efficiency but reliability as well. It can maintain its optimum performance for a long period of time!


Manufactured by Infineon Technology, FZ1600R17KF6C-B2 has powerful features that you cant see on ordinary semiconductors. It’s equipped with an AlSiC base plate plus an enlarged diode to intensify its power and makes it suitable for regenerative operation. Its strong module construction is also designed to avoid getting damaged easily.


Infineon FZ1600R17KF6C-B2 is also highly advantageous to other applications like railway tractions, CAVs and even for standardized housing.