my life

  • hi i am iman ..iam 21 years old . i am on my way to find myself or find what is the meaning of living .. my dream was to be a writer ( at some point of my life ) then to bs a counter( at another point of my life ) then after high school i decided to be just engineer .. i found the one thing i really badly want . and i did it .. finally reached my goal .. my first year was so great . i love it . i had two amazing friends inas & shatha i loved them with all my heart .. bs sadly in the first yearwe were studying general thing and in the second year we  specialize .. so after having so many great friends i have no one and i start to made some new friends but i wasnt comfortable .. i had so many bad days i have cried so many ... and i hated going there any more but i forced my self to go eeven if i hated but what can i do ... no one is gonna help me so i had to do it be coninue