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Because it's too awesome to be true, damnit Yep, she was starving herself to death to be thinner, and a jackass like me remembered her as chunky because she had a round face But we would of loved nothing then to be the David against the Dawgs Goliath"Police officers, who obviously had nothing better to do, actually tracked down and arrested the boy again


Or maybe Russell Jones No one is going to treat your box like a princess because you had a Sharpie and five extra seconds In reality, not discussing where your money is going because you think the issue isn worth getting into can lead to big problems But it didn't last this time, either Paleokostas and his henchman were still days away from being tried for their previous escape when, in February of 2009, they escaped from the same prison a second time (and yes, we're serious) in another helicopter


So if a man becomes wealthy, the expectation was always that all of his land and money stays in the family via his sons they inherit everything and eventually have their own sons, the name and wealth of the family living on through this unbroken chain of penises The population density alone spells trouble, so the farther you can get away from civilization, the better That's where these priorities are right now Lady Leap Year: Cocktails of the Farmers Market: In honor of the Irish tradition of allowing women to propose marriage on the leap year, CUESA is celebrating the return of February 29th with an all female lineup of bartenders


Unfortunately, there are unfathomable masses who can't stand the thought of letting other people get the joke without pointing a giant, flashing, neon, cock shaped arrow at the punchline and screaming "THIS IS WHAT THE JOKE MEANS! GET IT?!"One of my favorite things in the world is fucking with celebrities on Twitter After all, if we can increase the number of vasopressin receptors, we might be able to cure cheating altogether Entertainment in the Dark Ages Consisted of Jousting and Sword FightsPeter Macdiarmid / GettyYou've been to a Medieval Times restaurant, you know the deal: When the people of the Dark Ages wanted to unwind after a hard day of shedding blood, their leisurely entertainment of choice was shedding even more blood If One Dealer Seems to Wholesale Jerseys Have a Better Price, Read the Fine PrintFirst off, if you see a dealership with a "too good to be true" price, look closer


So IUCN's new list is dedicated to the highly endangered species that may be allowed to die out because they don't provide humans with clear benefits5 It may be hard to fathom now, but only a few months ago there was a real positive buzz swirling around Will Muschamp and the 2014 Florida football team They are a perfect pairWho cares if Janel and Val are/were/will be dating off screen? It's what happens on screen that we care about and that's where they work magic


He was spotted and chased by the owners of the bike, Sten Nilsson and his 15 year old son Fredrik Jonathan Ferrell, a 24 year old former Florida wholesale jerseys A University football player, survived what Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe would later describe as a "severe" car accident Oh, and a plausible plot Wholesale NFL Jerseys line (Picture: BBC)I am prepared to be proved wrong in later episodes if it resolved in a thrilling way, but one aspect of The Fall I am getting a bit weary of is the babysitter angle"His liver self destructed in 2004, taking the rest of him with it