The best way to protect against kids from getting trafficked abroad? LED show plays a crucial function!

 In 2011, the US Department of Justice statistics show that you will find 797,500 young people today under 18 years old and missing or abducted youngsters, received an typical of 2185 cases per day each year. People today in supermarkets, gas stations, rest stops, and so on. can be observed around the wall about missing children posters, to discover missing children, the United states has invested massive(variable message sign) police resources and social forces, to establish a government-led, community involvement The all-round technique. Of which about 98 % of kids could be recovered, after which the following 3 missing youngsters, the efforts created by the US government and also the community includes a terrific connection.


Together with the milk carton missing individual, but with small achievement


Could 25, 1979, 6-year-old Aitan (Etan Patz) visit school alone for the initial time, because the disappearance. Subsequently, Aitan pictures were published inside a nationwide missing particular person posters, and even on billboards in Times Square. At the similar time, this picture has been printed on the side of a milk carton into millions of households, which is a ten-year "milk cartons tracing activities." In line with statistics, the nation's 1,800 independently owned milk plant as lots of as 700 participated within the "milk carton tracing activities."


But Aitan at some point didn't come back, for a complete generation of Americans, wearing a baseball cap that childish smile is so quite painful to me. It was found behind Aitan missing, is really a reflection in the college and parents to contact will not close the loopholes, but also exposed the present circumstance of inefficient and incompetent police, in line with the provisions with the distinctive jurisdictions, the police even 24-72 hours following the disappearance of the child We are going to respond.


Chinese kids lost parents towards the collective discomfort


December 3, 2005, the parents of missing young children in Zhengzhou City Bauhinia Square for help. Day, held in Henan Province to combat child trafficking crime, assist lost kids back to their residences as the theme of enjoy activities in Zhengzhou(vms), frequent media along with the police as lost like and households with young children. Henan has carried out special operations to combat trafficking in ladies and children crime, Henan over the media release missing person, gather clues, get in touch together with the victims' households.


Public outside LED display media, might help to assist missing young children?




Considering that Andy Lau film "lone loss" because the release in the children abducted news once again grow to be talk with the town. News about young children getting trafficked just about scraper. LED show as an outside media, was welcomed around the planet in current years, if the LED show to prevent the spread of details inside the outdoor youngsters becoming trafficked, whether or not we can get some containment? Traditional outside advertising has been unable to meet the child's desires to discover, LED show as most new outside media, not merely synchronous playback screen video, audio, nevertheless ongoing switch the screen carousel. At the moment, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen along with other large-scale outdoor LED marketing screen media has enabled public service model.


Tao, basic manager Lou Rose LED(EN12966) display industry well-known brands tell Yoko E Sohu from the media, LED display raison d'etre would be the effective dissemination of proliferation with the young children lost messages, as outside media, to permit a lot more folks concerned about the incident so as to perform repeatedly spread. LED display update efforts and outstanding manifestations, but discovering lost youngsters in require of efforts of the entire society, I think that inside the near future, with all the national law of sound, which is usually successfully curbed.