Bags color showing personality traits(1)

We can see different colors for ladies’ bags when we walk in street. Have you ever think about the personality traits for having they from wholesale supplier of bag in China? Now we can analyze the background of the bag colors under the bag and lady together.


Red means unrestrained. On the color of package decoration, the big red is easy to match the color of belonging, both with what color clothes are very easy to show results. Season, many brands have also introduced a large red package decoration. Pure red, feeling noble are the most suitable for work use. In the same series, there is a large red belt, red high heels, casual shoes, with up overall with good effect. I like China high-grade canvas printing bag with the red color. Light Blue represents classic. Baby blue color of this period is one of the most sought-after. That is similar to the light blue sky, above the leather binding, such as mill leather, embossed leather like soft denim, showing unusual elegance. Kraft mill powder blue shoulder bag with yellow rope woven leather shoulder strap with metal hole wound in effect, feel elegant and stylish. Best Granville, Meiji package decoration, but also with powder-blue embossed soft leather cowboy choose the noble and fashionable, it is love.


Are you wanted to be a warm girl or a sex lady in other people’s eyes? Or you can go to the market of China traditional embroidery bags wholesale and find your personality traits of traditional in there.