Lumia smartphones all share a similar design aesthetic

Lumia smartphones all share a similar design aesthetic. The branches of the family tree are rather short. While they are easy to differentiate from competitors' handsets thanks tooppo find 7their plain-yet-compelling shapes, Lumias are also beginning to blend into one another. To my eyes, the Lumia 735 is a shrunken Lumia 920 (which, by the way, is from 2012).
The 735 is a dark gray slab with flat top and bottom edges, rounded side edges, and a back surface that tapers ever-so-gently from the center toward the sides. It is formed by a polycarbonate shell with a matte finish. Sadly, this matte finish displays fingerprint oils, which mar the look a bit. I like the shape of the phone, but -- as with nearly all Lumias -- I wish it were a bit thinner. It's not setting any records at 10.2mm thick.There's no denying the phone has a clean look to it, but it might be nice if it were available in colors other than dark gray. Lumia handsets often come in at least two or three shades, but not so with the Lumia 735. You're stuck with neutral gray.
The 735 is really nice to hold and use. The 4.7-inch screen means Microsoft was able to keep the overall size of the phone in a comfortable zone. It fits well in the hand and the curved sides really help when you grip the phone tightly. The weight of the phone is pleasingly light; in fact, it's almost too light. The 735 is compact enough that shoving it into your pockets won't be troublesome.This mid-range Windows Phone is a solid addition to Verizon's smartphone lineup.It boasts a 4.7-inch screen, 6.7-megapixel camera, and quad-core Snapdragon processor.Toss in Microsoft's productivity apps and good battery life, and the Lumia 735 is a balanced performer.Is anything holding this phone back? Find out in Phone Scoop's in-depth report.The Microsoft Lumia 735 may not be the least expensive Windows Phone in Verizon's lineup, but it may represent the strongest overall value.

If you're looking for the best combination of low-cost hardware and high-productivity software, the Lumia 735 has you covered in spades.