Sugbo Best Delicacy – Nindota Ahh!

Sugbo Best Delicacy – Nindota Ahh!


Cebu or Sugbo – capital is Cebu City, the oldest city in the Philippines. It is one of the best places to spend vacation because it is blessed with white sand beaches, tasty cuisine and friendly people. You can buy lots of pasalubong at very affordable prices. It is traditional to us that when we travel in different places, it is a must to buy Pasalubong for our love ones back at home. There are a lot of affordable Pasalubong here in Cebu.


Shamrock Otap

One of my favorite pasalubong is Otap. It is a sweet and flaky biscuit native to Cebu. Shamrock is the most popular and the best brand of Otap. You can buy it in their branches in fuente, mabini, mactan, or even in any malls in Cebu at affordable price.


Dried Mango

Dried mangoes are chewy and sweet. It makes them the best pasalubong that hit among foreign tourists particularly the Koreans and Japanese.


The popular dried mango brands are 7D dried mangoes and Philippine Brands which originally made from Guadalupe. You can buy it in any groceries and supermarkets like SM, Ayala and other malls. You can also go to Taboan. Most of the stalls are selling dried mangoes.


Dried Dangit and Pusit

A trip in Cebu is not complete without buying dried pusit and dangggit in Taboan Market. It is also part of my list in buying pasalubong. They have the best Dried Dangit and Pusit in the Philippines. You can buy the best Danggit and Dried Pusit in Taboan Market. You can also buy it in the SM supermarkets but it’s better if you will go to Taboan because they sell it in a cheaper price than the malls.


Lechon Cebu

Many people said that the best lechon are found in Cebu.Yes, it’s true! Cebu Lechon are tasty and delicious. They have a secret ingredients and spices.


There are a lot of Lechon stalls in Cebu. The best lechon house pasalubong is CNT Lechon found near in SM City Cebu. They sell it by kilo or even whole Lechon.