How to make money with affiliate marketing like a pro

Millions of dollars are made every day through internet sales, we all know that. It's also no secret that most of this money isn't created by direct sales but by affiliate marketers better known as entrepreneurs – people who earn by reselling products through affiliate links. This is, as simple as it can be, story about the whole internet affiliate marketing phenomenon. Every entrepreneur has its own strategy, most use e-mail marketing (so called mailing lists), others advertise with Google (if they have their own web site) but the most of them also use PPC (Pay Per Click) method every day to generate more traffic for themselves. is one of such places where you can use PPC method to advertise your affiliate links even if you don't have a website of your own.

Ever since Google has implemented their “Black Hat” and “White Hat” technique for labeling websites as keyword friendly or unfriendly it has become much harder for site owners to maintain their high ranking positions in search engines. Keywords have been put aside and in order for your website to rank high you also need high quality content and a huge social media presence as well – to create back links. Only then you can start thinking about affiliate market sales and earnings. You can't even use Google's PPC advertising without a website anymore. The alternative to all this is
Let's just for a moment think about what you need to be successful in affiliate marketing. Website? Yes. Setting up your own website costs money, creating content costs money (unless you are a real expert in the field and can create content on your own), building up social media presence also costs money (for example Facebook PPC ads). And on top of all that, it takes time. So even before you earn your first buck from affiliate links you have placed somewhere on your website you'll end up spending money instead of earning. Let's focus on alternative solution – is a network dedicated to affiliate marketing through PPC. They have a large database of websites already generating huge traffic of their own. They also allow PPC advertising of affiliate links only which means you do not need to have a website or even a blog. What you really need is an ad and some money to pay for your PPC campaign. The ad you create should have a picture (banner), some text and your affiliate link to the product you're selling, nothing more than that.

As you might have already guessed, once your ad is completed it will show up on more than one of the websites from the database. It will also be contextually matched to the content of the website so you won't end up promoting a book about dog training on the fashion related site. The whole system is set up in a way to help you make more affiliate sales and earn more just by using the traffic already generated by others. If you're still not convinced and think it doesn't work, just for a moment ask yourself this – how much time and money you need to build your own independent website generating huge traffic and ranking well in a search engine?

With, pay per click advertising is what it once was and what it should be – a simple way to get your affiliate marketing links exposed on high traffic, high ranking websites which have audience interested in products you're selling. If you are still interested in taking part in the make money online made from internet sales everyday through PPC advertising only, don't miss the great opportunity presented with BreezeAds.