Steps to help you with fragile window hardware

Window hardware accessories can be easily damaged, loose, damaged hinges and pulleys. And window and door accessories suppliers china said that it is mainly because of the choice of hardware accessories and daily use. For these two aspects, there are some tips for you.


Yongfeng-hardware Company told everyone net measures to prevent damage to hardware:

First, the selection of hardware accessories model, specification and performance should be consistent with existing national standards and regulations, and with the choice of steel doors and windows to match.

Then, the width of the sliding window over one meter, or install double-glazed windows and doors, should set up a dual pulley, or use the scroll wheel when you buy the products from door hardware wholesale China.

What’s more, friction stay hinge aluminum alloy material shall not be used should be made of stainless steel.

Finally, with the fastening screws mounting hardware must be equipped with a metal liner; liner thickness should be at least more than twice the distance of fastener teeth.


Of course, hardware after installation should pay attention to maintenance, to prevent rust corrosion, said by float glass supplier China. In daily use to light off light on, to prevent hard off hard open, causing damage