FZ2400R12KE3 IGBT Module - A Semiconductor from Infineon

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Let your DC motor drives attain optimum performance with FZ2400R12KE3 IGBT module. Able to generate 2400A or 1200V of power on a weight of just 8.82lbs, FZ2400R12KE3 is a perfect tool to provide extra energy supply to DC motor drives.


FZ2400R12KE3 IGBT transistor module is one of the greatest Infineon semiconductor. With high power density, efficiency and reliability, your DC motors are in good hands for a long period of time. It is even UL recognized, thus, giving an assurance that using this semiconductor is 100% safe.


Most importantly, purchasing Infineon IGBT module FZ2400R12KE3 can minimize your budget. It is highly durable that it can maintain its best performance even after three or four years.


FZ2400R12KE3 can even boost the power of AC drives, wind and solar converters, and UPS!