Training To Be a Welder in Saint Augustine Florida by William Hauselberg

Why Choose an Associates Degree in Welding?

What better place to begin a welding career than in Saint Augustine, Florida. Saint Augustine is the oldest city in our nation, while the welding career is an ancient trade dating back to the Bronze Age around 3500 B.C. The cultural diversity of this city is as vast as the diversity of the welder career.

Welding is part of everyday life from cell phones, to computers, the car we drive or buildings we enter without giving thought as to how they came to be. A Saint Augustine welding career can take one from outer space to work on the Space Station to ocean depths to fix an oil rig. In an associates degree program basic welding techniques, general machine shop and technical math are taught as well as other courses to prepare for entry level positions. Studying for a Saint Augustine welder career can provide great opportunities at home and around the world.

What is the employment outlook for welders?

Improved technology plays a big role in employment outlook as currently 20%-25% of welding is automated. These are welders trained to operate robots or other automated systems using electron beams, lasers or explosives to bond metals and plastics. It is predicted that the automated welding field that relies on computers and software programs will grow by 20% over the next several years.

According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median annual salary is $32,750. Depending on skill level and type of industry, the annual salary could be much higher upwards to $100,000. If a person has math and science skills to become a Welder Engineer, starting salary is $50,000. More than 50% of U.S. products are manufactured using welding processes. Employers are looking for skilled, innovative people today to help create the products of tomorrow.

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Who might like a career in welding?

A Saint Augustine welder career is as inspiring and diverse as the men and women who choose it. A person who likes to work with their hands will appreciate that studying welding allows a unique option to combine career with individual interest. Whether a person is an artist, scientist, race car enthusiast or diver, a Saint Augustine welding career has the key to unlock incredible opportunity.