Renewable Energy Development In Rural Areas

Having abundance of renewable energy doesn’t help the people living in rural remotes regions to have access to better energy source rather than solid fuels. Renewable energies have developed continuously over the past decades but still millions of people are not able to access it. Development of renewable energy could turn the lives of poverty-stricken people into better direction.


Solar, wind and hydro power are the biggest source of energy in our planet. Their utilization has faded due to high consumption of fossil fuels but their use is expanding again. People having access to energy are lucky to have it but helping millions of people who still live in darkness should be our concern. Renewable energy could be solution to solve problem of burning solid fuels. Depending on certain place or regions development of different form of energy can be made. Places like Africa, Kenya and Sudan get extensive sunlight throughout the year making this place suitable for solar energy. Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have wide water resource which makes development of hydro power energy and remote regions of Pakistan has prospects for wind energy development.


Prospering these energies successfully in such remote areas will lead to development of people’s lives in every aspect. Most of people living in these areas are under-privileged and developing renewable energy in rural areas will provide them with employment opportunity. Energy can be in any form of heat or electricity as both these energy will significantly reduce dependence on solid fuels. Electricity will give people to work even after sunlight and using electrical appliances people can coo k their food.


In one of the work done in Nepal development of mini hydro power project in remote regions gave them access to both electricity and power. People used the guide provided by Practical Answers an online resource center. They were able to fulfill their need for renewable energy through the help of experts and manuals provided by Practical Answers. Energy development can have positive impact on people’s lives. Starting the work requires some work but flourishing them can be done within short period of time.