Take you to experience different Austria

Take you to experience different Austria


Salzburg addition to luxury hotels, and boarding houses (also hierarchical) and seasonal hostel, which is replaced by a student dormitory in the summer the hotel. Visitors can choose castle-style hotel, you can choose a relaxed riverside huts, and more can be found around the world like an ordinary hotel. Depending on the season the price will float, during the peak season (April to October) or even to about 2 times normal. There is also a backpacker's favorite hostel comparison waiter can speak fluent English,air max More suitable not understand German tourists, Rate of about 13-16 euros, address Paracelsusstrasse 9.

Salzburg addition to luxury hotels, and boarding houses (also hierarchical) and seasonal hostel, which is replaced by a student dormitory in the summer the hotel.

Many hotel will offer currency exchange services,air max 90 but generally lower exchange rate, it is wise to go to the official exchange rate at the currency exchange.


Salzburg concentrate all the traditional cafes and top restaurants of European specialties, that is to say, not many of Salzburg in the number of restaurants and coffee shops, visitors can find a variety of flavors of foods.

In a small restaurant in the old city, Salzburg can enjoy traditional cuisine. In star hotel restaurants can be found all over the world cuisine specialties, and more tourists are on the classic Austrian dessert unforgettable. The most famous specialty is Mozart chocolate balls from Salzburg court confectioner invention in 1890, and named after Mozart. Mozart chocolate balls with pistachio, marzipan, nougat and chocolate into balls, printed on foil packaging Mozart's head.

Upscale restaurant

St. Peter's Restaurants

Features: This is actually a convent cellar restaurant, founded in 803 years long history. Restaurant mainly engaged in traditional Austrian dishes, Vienna fried short ribs are very tasty, the price is higher, about 20-30 euros per capita.

Address: Stiftbezirk Street 1/4,air max schweiz close to St. Peter's Church

Repair Teague Keller

Features: relatively affordable restaurant, where the beer is very famous, be sure to try the sausage adds vanilla. 15 euros per capita.

Address: Festunggasse 10

Tema Kayseri

Features: Opened in 1705, here is the oldest cafe in Salzburg. A person responsible for point cake, you can imagine, where dessert is very outstanding, serving more than 40 kinds of cake and using only fresh ingredients.

Address: Alter Markt 9


Salzburg is the perfect combination of traditional and modern shopping areas, There are the world-renowned food street iron signs, so that customers have to hang around all kinds of fashion small shops, many of them international designers. However, most people would choose to mark with the musical genius Mozart souvenirs.

Mozart souvenirs

Here is Mozart, Salzburg genius veritable birthplace, His music fans can buy all the souvenirs on the great composer After visiting the museum. For example used the Mozart's instrumental music CD, Mozart's books, T-shirts, stationery, notes, posters, coins and printed Mozart family portrait postcards.


Salzburg addition to beautiful scenery, entertainment is also very rich.

From the luxurious golf course on the outskirts of fresh air to the foot of fisheries, from pasture to ride horse-Benz to climb in the mountains, from the historic to the famous music festival of puppetry, and both people fascinated.

Music Art

Travelers in Salzburg tour would never spend the "lonely night." Sounds filled the elegant opera house, popular jazz bar Leiyin roar, leisure has sidewalk cafes sipping rest, amused traditional Salzburg Marionette superior performance ...... Highlights of entertainment enough to make visitors feel Salzburg from classical to modern, from classical to pop style parties.

If you come during the Salzburg art festival, then you must not miss this concert, It is said that a year of concerts and shows where there are more than 4,000 games, whether it is the New Year, or Easter, the city's music scene will make you drunk!