What can the silk product benefit our body?



Pure natural mulberry silk is the preferred natural environmental protection personal material suggested by United States federal government. Consinee silk yarn mainly comes from such premium material which indeed does well to our human body. And let’s talk about the detail benefits that silk product bring to us.
Firstly, silk product is anti-mite, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergy and brings good feeling to our skin. The silk component can not only make the skin delicate smooth, but also has the ability to prevent the breeding of mites and molds which is more useful to Allergic Constitution.
Secondly, silk product keeps good and constant temperature for human body. The mulberry silk contains the highest “void volume” among all kinds of other fibers. When the weather is cold, it can reduce the heat transfer rate; and when comes to the hot day, it can eliminate the excess heat.
Thirdly, silk product has good moisture performance. The mulberry silk external protein contains a kind of special material which is called the “chemical force side chain amino acid” that can absorb the moisture in the air, and ruled it out.
All in all, it is light and soft, warm and comfortable; has antibacterial and deodorization effects; makes us feel warm in winter and cool in summer. With the honor of "green fiber", the silk product which is made up of natural mulberry silk really benefits us too much.