Fiber classification from fiber optic manufacturer in china

There are various classifications for the fiber optic if you have some basic knowledge about it. Now we can talk with the fiber optic manufacturer in china and find out the different classifications of every kind of optic fiber. Do you have the interest about it? Join us and find the pleasure about it.


The transmission mode to divide mode fiber is optical fiber propagation of electromagnetic waves that exist in every game type, or a light-spot shape (HE). Various fields are shaped optical waveguide through the results of multiple reflections and interference. Various modes are discrete discontinuous due to stable standing presence in the fiber, its presence is reflected in the fiber cross-section of the light field is a variety of shapes, namely a variety of spots. If a spot, we call this Species fiber is single mode fiber, if two or more spots, which we call multi-mode fiber. Single-mode fiber (Single-Mode) only single-mode fiber transmission main die, that is to say only the light along the optical fiber core transmission coming from fiber optic cable supplier due to completely avoid making casual shooting mode single-mode fiber transmission band wide application and therefore large capacity, long-distance optical fiber communication. Optical Wavelength 1310nm single-mode fiber is used or 1550 nm. Figure single mode fiber ray trace diagram. Multimode fiber (Multi-Mode) in a certain operating wavelength (850nm / 1300nm), a plurality of transmission modes in the optical fiber, this fiber is called multi-mode fiber.


We can figure out the classifications when we go to the fiber optic adaptor wholesale and walk around them.