FZ400R65KF1 IGBT Module - One of the Best Infineon Semiconductors

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FZ400R65KF1 is the best Infineon IGBT semiconductor to put the power of your welding machines to the next level. It may only weigh 2.20 lbs. but you’ll be surprised as it can produce a power level of 6700V!


FZ400R65KF1 is designed with high level of efficiency. This Infineon IGBT module has the capability to let the power of welding machines go beyond the limit. Worried about possible combustion? Don’t! FZ400R65KF1 is RoHS compliant and guaranteed to be lead free.


Even the price is not a problem with FZ400R65KF1 as it’s totally competitive. Buy one and you don’t have to make another purchase for a long time. Its durability helps lengthen its lifespan.


Aside from welding machines, Infineon FZ400R65KF1 also works best on other applications! UPS, AC motor drive, DC motor drive, you name it and this IGBT transistor module can power it up with ease!