Victor Edozien: Managing Principal of Asaba Group Holdings

Asaba Group Holdings is a holding company that utilizes its principal's strategy consulting background and extensive knowledge to create value for all stakeholders.


The core value of its investment philosophy is seeking situations wherein it can transform business models in existing industries to deliver economic returns and growth to all its stakeholders.


Asaba Group Holdings' portfolio companies are committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions to various clients that help them maintain and increase market share. They make comprehensive and excellent returns for their shareholders and investors by investing in companies with distinctive market advantages or that occupy a competitive "white space" within an industry. Their dedicated management team provides strategic assistance which utilizes their exceptional background in strategy and management consulting. Asaba Group Holdings has reached $500 million in revenue with an enterprise value of $50 million with 650 employees and 10 locations in the United States.


Portfolio Companies  


AG Manufacturing, Inc.


It is a full service supplier of electronic sub-assemblies, electrical components, wire cable and coaxial assemblies, lighting assemblies and plastic molding for the automotive, marine and military defense industries. Their products consist of wire harnesses, electronic control actuators, electromechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic components for automotive, truck, and military applications. AG Manufacturing, Inc. has plants in Alabama, Illinois, and Michigan.