Kaya Dental Offers Guided Dental Implants and Other Advanced Implantology Tools

Kaya Dental Offers Guided Dental Implants and Other Advanced Implantology Tools

Dental Implantology is a procedure designed to replace a patient’s missing teeth for cosmetic or other dental health reasons. Dental Implants are designed to blend seamlessly with apatient’s natural teeth.


For years, dentists have used expensive dental implants that require many hours in the chair for the patient and are often more invasive than needed. But new technology has reduced time needed to perform these procedures.


Guided Dental Implants


Dental implantology is faster and easier than ever before with the use of Guided Dental Implants, offering less time in the chair for your patients.


Guided Dental Implants, like those from AB Dental, allow dentists to digitally plan a procedure, which allows for the optimal placement of abutments and achieves the most aesthetically pleasing result. With Guided Dental Implants, dentists are provided with software that allows them to map out a patient’s procedure without a gingival flap or other procedures that could be painful for the patient. So the patient’s outcome is planned without any time spent in the chair.


The use of Guided Dental Implants is an economic alternative to surgical implant kits. By allowing dentists to pre-plan procedures, it eliminates the amount of time one would normally have to spend on each individual case, allowing for more procedures to occur.


When choosing which guided dental implants system is best for you, there are a few things to consider. Affordability aside, many Guided Dental Implants systems are not as versatile as others. Some are designed for high-risk cases only, cases where multiple teeth need to be replaced or several implants need to be repaired. Other services offer a more versatile use, involving just one implant or for edentulous patients.


Another benefit to consider when choosing a Guided Dental Implant system is a learning curve. Many systems require time-consuming training just to use their mapping software. Other systems have low and manageable learning curves, optimizing your learning experience and allowing comfortable and confident access to the full Guided Dental Implant experience.


Surgical Implant Kits


If you’d prefer a more traditional approach to implantology, many manufacturers offer surgical implant kits that providefor surgical versatility and convenience.



These kitsare organized in easy-to-follow, step-by-step formats with components labeled for easy return to the tray after surgery. Most trays feature a low profile, allowing them to fit easily into an autoclave for sterilization.


Technology is allowing Dental Implants to be far less time consuming. By using Guided dental implants or surgical implant kits, you can increase your confidence when dealing with Dental Implantology.