Summer Hugglemonster

Summer Hugglemonster

Summering "Summer" Hugglemonster is the only daughter of the Hugglemonster family who loves dancing and performing for others in the stage with the help of her brothers Henry, Cobby and Baby Ivor to help her in need, even though Summer mostly sings the songs for the episodes. She is voiced by Hynden Walch who also voices Starfire from Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go.

Summer Hugglemonster is Henry Hugglemonster's beautiful big sister.

She loves all things pink, frilly, pretty and sparkly - she's girly and proud of it! 

Despite her beauty, she loves to perform, and is always thinking about how she can put on a spectacular show for her friends and family. She basically defines the term 'drama queen'. 

Summer loves all kinds of performances, she's especially into music and particularly enjoys making up songs on the spot. She loves to dance like a ballerina, sing and be on stage.  She also loves having a audience, even having a imaginary audience. 

She often gets upset and overacts when things are hopeless, like not sounding like Isabella. Also doesn't like disappointing her fans.

She is also loud, also when she is singing and/or dancing, but her family finds it proud.

She also enjoys things that are cute, such as Ivor or a Baby Monsterbird.

She also loves to dress up her baby brother Ivor and/or monsterdog, Beckett.

She gets very upset when someone doesn't keep their promise.


Summer is pink with yellow and orange striped tummy and horns. She wears a yellow bow on her head.

She wears dark pink shoes that match her wings. She also has a pink nose.

Summer is never seen without her bow, she believes it gives her pizazz!
She is Isabella Roarson's no. 1 fan, and head of her fan club.
Summer loves to practice her pirouettes and would one day like to break the world record for the most monster pirouettes in a row, currently she's short 134 spins!
Summer won a trophy at Dance Camp.
Summer goes to dance class.
Summer sings a song that starts the Halloween parade.
Summer is the only female of the four children.
In the original book, her name was Lola Hugglewug.