Sap Internship At Wizcore

Wizcore offers Internship placements after completing our SAP courses with the objective of developing job related skills for our students. You will get the opportunity of working with one of our client projects which will take you through various technical and functional processes of SAP. The Internship is mentored by senior SAP Project Managers who have strong domain and in-depth Project Management knowledge in SAP so that the Interns benefit from profound SAP process knowledge and understanding of how these processes work in real time business situations. Wizcore has successfully run a number of internship projects with multinational companies.

The Internship will cover real time scenarios while working on support/implementation projects and would give an insight into project methodologies, configuration and process oriented tasks like document preparation, business analysis etc

Some of the areas covered during the program are below:

Using Solution Manager and ASAP Methodology

Catering to client requirements on customization and configuration

Integrating with other SAP Modules SD, FICO, MM, PP and CRM

Access to important project documentation

Understanding SAP Technical and Functional processes

We expect that 60% of time will be dedicated to development work, and 40% to enhance your learning curve.

Internships are available after completing our SAP Training courses in all technical and functional modules.

Importance of Internship

The internship will ensure you get to apply the skills you have learned during your training. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your marketability with prospective employers.

It allows you to gain valuable exposure to the workplace, provides the opportunity for skill development and gives you a competitive edge in the job search. You also receive reference for your work in the internship.

Internship has helped our students to demonstrate confidence in their offerings to the employers which helped them secure their dream SAP jobs.

Length of Internship

Duration of the Internship is two months. You design your own working agenda according to your work schedule. You are required to attend every Saturday and Sunday and must be able to cover a minimum of 10 hours and a maximum of 15 working hours per week.

What next after Internship?

The market is very competitive and hence using help from professional recruiters like Wizcore is often a better way to get-start a SAP career opportunity. We work closely with you to prepare your CV and assist in promoting you with open positions. With the skills acquired during training and internship, one can find an entry-level SAP job so that you can start your SAP career path. Once you are confident and have a few years of experience your market value increases and you can also start contracting which is highly lucrative and doesnt bind you to one organization.