The four-level belief work involves using theta healing techniques that actually accelerate the awareness of the process of activating DNA. In addition, this work also enables the release of the conscious patterns as well as beliefs that were previously unconscious and have been hindering the development as well as achievement of individual goals and are of no positive use anymore.

Trained and professional theta healing practitioners use their focus awareness to listen to the hidden beliefs that are affecting the view of life of their clients. This process is usually a very interactive one and it involves the client providing the practitioner with relevant information and answers. During this interactive process, the practitioner also gets answers and information from the Creator. Whether undertaking the process remotely or in person with the help of muscle testing, it is possible to validate the beliefs of the client using this physical experience.

The role of a healing practitioner is to act as a witness in a situation that has been co-created to find any major negative beliefs. Upon identifying these beliefs and with the permission of the client, the practitioner asks the Source to change these beliefs and feelings and in the process eliminates or lessens the need for individuals to change their connected beliefs. This helps in ensuring that no undesirable beliefs or patterns are re-created.

Despite the fact that all beliefs are not held in all these levels, thetahealing techniques enable the completion of all the levels on which all the beliefs are held. The four levels that hold beliefs are:

i.                    The core level – this level includes the beliefs that arise from this lifetime. These beliefs also include child memories and this work is seen in the neurons of the brain.

ii.                  The genetic level – this level includes beliefs held by ancestors (parents) and this work is seen via these genes and the emotional force surrounding them.

iii.                The history level – this level represents the past life and usually it includes resolution of vows/oaths of poverty as well as spiritual/religious orders.

iv.                The soul level – this is the deepest level of the theta healing process and it reflects the numerous occasions our souls take on feelings or lessons which are able to be changed, for instance a feeling that life is fun rather than feeling that life is always a struggle.

In an ideal world, we are all unique creatures or creations of the Creator; however, there are numerous aspects in life that are common to all humans. Most of the areas often chosen for changing and healing include acceptance, abundance and finances, love and relationships, happiness, abilities, health, career, worthiness as well as empowerment. Users of theta healing can attest that resolving blocks of issues that hinder development and achievement of goals using this therapeutic technique has a lot of positive feedback that include overall body rebalancing as well as elimination of a variety of physical conditions or challenges.

The effectiveness of this four-level belief work enables an individual to rise above their past and beyond any form of victimhood and in the process become a co-creator of their own destinies as well as manifest in their own dreams. These techniques are helpful in identifying fears for example, using tools from the Creator in determining what the bottom-line of these fears are and resolve the fears by replacing them with what is worthwhile. This theta healing technique is one of the most effective and fastest ways to achieve a state of steered harmony and happiness.