Infineon FZ2400R12KL4C - High Power IGBT for UPS

Click --- and get Infineon FZ2400R12KL4C! With this IGBT transistor module, you don’t have worry about saving your files when a power failure occurs.


FZ2400R12KL4C is the most suitable semiconductor that can boost the power of your UPS. It is one of Infineon’s high power IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor) modules which can give as much as 2400V of energy.


FZ2400R12KL4C has an emitter-controlled diode to improve its current ratings. Its outstanding conversion efficiency and power density enable your UPS to achieve optimum electric performance.


Worried about your expenses? Dont be! Since FZ2400R12KL4C is highly reliable, you wont be seeing its depreciation for quite a while. With this advantage, the backup power supply of your UPS will surely be a great help to you.


UL recognized -- FZ2400R12KL4C is totally risk-free.